Protecting The Tools Of Your Trade: 3 Ways To Maintain And Clean Hair Shears

12 June 2017
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As a professional hair stylist, you know just how important a good pair of hair shears is to your career. A good pair of shears will give you a clean cut, and will help you unveil the hairstyle you're trying for on each client. Your shears are the primary tools of your trade, and should be treated with respect and care. Here are 3 tips on how you can maintain and clean your hair shears, so they'll give you a perfect cut each time. Read More 

Three Tips For Those Attending Cosmetology School

8 June 2017
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Attending a cosmetology program can be an excellent way of helping to give yourself a good start in a new career. Unfortunately, there are many students that may feel stress at the thought of attending one of these schools due to not being sure of what they will need to do to succeed. For these students, there are a handful of basic tips that can be followed to help them get the best education possible from their program. Read More